DIY Fixes & When to Call Drain Cleaning Services for Bellingham Homes & Businesses

drain cleaning services BellinghamThe solution to clogged drains is often a quick and fairly simple process that most people can manage on their own. Before calling drain cleaning services, try these DIY fixes at your Bellingham home or business.

Why is my drain clogged?

In most cases, clogs are a result of debris building up in your drains. Grease, hair, soap scum and food particles can all cause problems over time. 

What methods are best?

One of the easier and more affordable ways to fix a clogged sink drain is with boiling water, so it should be one of the first things you try. After you’ve cleared as much water from the sink as you can, pour a full pot of boiling water into the sink. If this doesn’t work, remove most of the water and try a plunger. Mini plungers work best for sinks. If neither of these methods work, you can go further by checking the P-trap.

Check the P-Trap

Most sinks have a P-trap, a curve of the drainpipe that’s located underneath the sink. To see if this is the source of your clog, start by placing a small bucket underneath your drainpipe. This will help catch any water that may have settled in the pipe. Next, unfasten the P-trap from the drainpipe. Clean out the interior of the pipe that surrounds the P-trap. If the clog is there, you’ve found your problem!

Need Drain Cleaning Services in Bellingham?

If the above methods fail, and you need help with a clogged drain, contact us at ABOUT Plumbing for help! From simple maintenance and repair to complete water heater installation, backflow testing and new plumbing installation, our team of specialists has you covered.

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