Plumbing Vent Maintenance Tips for Bellingham Homeowners

Plumbing Vent Maintenance BellinghamYour home’s plumbing vent is an integral part of the entire sewer and ventilation system. Tending to it properly can help keep your house safe and free from foul odors. Plumbing vent maintenance in Bellingham can also prevent sewer gasses from finding their way into your home and even mitigate the risk of explosions. 

What is a Plumbing Vent?

A plumbing vent allows air from outside the house to enter the plumbing system, preventing a vacuum from forming. When a vacuum forms in the pipes, the pressure can’t equalize when you flush the toilet or run water in the sink. This can cause sewer gas to make its way up through the drains and into the home. In the long run, a vacuum can result in bad smells and even sickness in pets and humans. 

Where is it Located?

In the walls, vent pipes run straight up and down and should be located near the kitchen and bathrooms. Note where the pipe enters from the ceiling. If you have a two-story home, go upstairs to locate the pipe. You can verify whether a pipe is a vent pipe by listening as someone flushes the toilet. If the pipe amplifies the flushing sound, it’s likely the vent pipe.  To find the plumbing vent on the roof, look for a pipe extending about six inches from the roof. 

Can it Become Clogged?

If your plumbing vent is located on the roof, it can become clogged with vermin or debris. You can tell that it’s clogged if you smell a rotten egg odor from the drain. If the sinks gurgle as they’re emptying, that’s another sign of a clog. When this happens, it’s best to get plumbing vent maintenance as soon as possible. 

Get Help Maintaining Your Home’s Plumbing Vent in Bellingham

ABOUT Plumbing can perform all of your plumbing vent maintenance in Bellingham. Our experts ensure that your home’s plumbing is both safe and effective. We can also do drain cleaning, backflow testing, and water heater installations. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Plumbing Vent Maintenance Experts in Bellingham

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